Our construction clients have many great projects to showcase. Each of their projects entails prodigious contracting, labor and teamwork and it is all enclosed in the final building. This client wanted to showcase their projects in their office space. We offered them the idea to showcase some of their projects on their walls.

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Our client specializes on recruiting medical staff and sending them on assignments worldwide. Many of their recruits love the global travel aspect of their jobs so we chose a wall graphic that bring that point boldly into their office space.

Sometimes a cultural statement can be great on paper or a slideshow, but for this company, they want to live with it! Our client’s space is contemporary and it was the perfect opportunity to showcase their cultural statement. By creating a custom cut vinyl graphic, using creative typography, the cultural statement is now part of their everyday experience

Wall wraps and graphics, can illustrate our clients culture, expertise and experience while adding a bold and beautiful finish to a corporate interior.

Happy Clients!

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