Beverly Hills Event Attended by Internationally Recognized Aviation Leaders on January 16

Fort Lauderdale, FL. – January 12, 2015 – Fort Lauderdale artist Steven Greenwald, president of Steven Greenwald Design Inc., is one of three artists from across the country invited to participate in the 12th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards being held on January 16 in Beverly Hills.

“There is no better honor than to be invited back to this gathering of aviation leaders,” said Greenwald, who showed three of his pieces at the event last year.

Greenwald, who paints aviation art under the name Frank Martin, will be bringing two of his pieces – part of his gallery’s The Art of Aircraft collection – to the Awards. The paintings, one of which will be signed by many honored living legends, will be sold at auction with the money benefiting the Kiddie Hawk Air Academy in Colorado.

“That we were invited back shows that the interest in the collection is global,” Greenwald said. “The interest in aviation is international and it’s passionate.”

For Greenwald, a passion for aviation goes back to childhood, during the early days of space exploration and an era of continued innovation, but in design and technology. “I’ve always loved aviation,” he says. “I’m fascinated by it all.” Being surrounded by aviation pioneers such as former test pilot Bob Hoover and astronaut Buzz Aldrin is a unique opportunity Greenwald cherishes.

“I’m pinching myself the whole time I’m there,” he said. “I enjoy talking to the scientists and engineers too because without them none of this would have happened. Greenwald’s fascination with aviation is reflected in his artwork that is included in “The Art of the Aircraft” collection. The mixed media art includes everything from airmail stamps to historical photographs, often accompanying a contemporary abstract painting. The works portray significant events throughout aviation history – the Battle of Britain for example.

“I like to capture a story and to involve various elements of the history,” he said.

This year, Greenwald will bring his piece—a limited edition work titled “Milestones”— which depicts the P51 Mustang, a long-range fighter bomber, to the Living Legends of Aviation Awards.

Hosted by actor and pilot John Travolta and attended by names such as Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman and Harrison Ford, the awards this year will be dedicated to Hoover, who will share stories from his aviation adventures. The Kiddie Hawk Air Academy, which produces the event, is designed to promote aviation interest among children.

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