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Feneck’s fascination with color and space, and the way we perceive them, began early.  Born in Massachusetts, Christian spent a peripatetic upbringing living primarily in Hawaii, California, and Florida continually drawing, painting, and building. These constant activities ultimately led him to study architecture in Italy and Florida where he earned a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Florida. Through these studies, he found visual perception to be the prime motivation for design and understanding of architectural space and developed a painting technique to further explore this belief.  Christian’s paintings use color and basic forms in a series of opaque and translucent layers to create a variety of color interactions.  The interaction of these color fields creates the perception of movement, space, and depth within each composition.

Christian has been in the architectural profession for over 10 years and a Visiting Professor at FAU teaching architectural design and theory. Currently he is a professional artist and curator based in South Florida.

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